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4 Secrets to Flawless Looking Skin

You can make every day a good skin day if you follow a few simple rules. The first piece of the beauty puzzle to flawless looking skin is to put on sufficient layers of protection.

Woman With Flawless Looking Skin

To be exact you need a broad spectrum sun-screen with SPF 30 or higher. You should use enough of it to cover your face, neck and ears. Another big point is that you should wear sunscreen all year as even in the winter we are getting bombarded with UV and UVA rays, causing damage to our skin and causing us to age prematurely.

Always use an organic cleanser at night to remove impurities, makeup and grime. Must cities are centers of pollution and we need to remove anything foreign from our faces. The reason, nightly repair goes on at night and we must allow the body to do this without much interference. Anything left on the face can accumulate and cause breakouts and blackheads.

Cut back on the sweet stuff if you want to keep yourself looking young. The breakdown of sugar in our bodies damages collagen, the protein needed for youthful and firm looking skin. Improve your diet and eat foods naturally low in sugar, like whole grains. The body processes these food more slowly limiting the loss of collagen.

Keep your face looking young and flawless by drink green tea as many as five times a day. Green tea has been shown to reverse and prevent damage to the skin. And people drinking it often, like in Asian cultures, get the most benefits from the powerful antioxidants in it.

Doing the above will ensure good health and beautiful skin. I look forward to seeing you at Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary where you will receive the best facial or skin care treatment in New York city.