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4 Fabulous Vegan Glosses: What Lips Crave

Today people are becoming more mindful of the food and chemicals that they put in their bodies, but most people don’t think about the products they put on their bodies.  We use the word “vegan” when we’re talking about people that don’t eat meat, but did you know that cosmetics can be vegan, too? 

If you’re like most people, vegan isn’t usually the first thing you look for when picking out a gloss or lip balm.  But vegan lip products are quickly gaining steam on the beauty products scene.  What constitutes a vegan lip gloss? For one, they don’t contain any animal byproducts such as beeswax, gelatin, dairy products or eggs.  Instead, they’re made purely from plants and other all-natural ingredients.  Also, vegan products eschew petroleum, parabens, paraffin waxes or any kind of fillers.  In short, vegan lip balms and glosses only contain ingredients that are good for your lips, skipping the bad stuff. And the best part? They aren’t tested on animals!

Despite all these upsides, vegan products aren’t the simplest thing to find.  But if you’re willing to hunt, you’ll find a number of top-notch vegan lip entrants on the internet.  Here are a handful of the most outstanding glosses and balms.

1. Oh Wow! Lip Balm is a Vegan lip balm made with cocoa butter and Vitamin E.  The balm itself is tinted, but doesn’t transfer the color to your lips; still, it leaves a healthy shine.  It comes in many pleasant flavors: seventeen, as a matter of fact, including crowd-pleasers like Island Delight, Lemon Sorbet and Georgia Peach. Even though it sounds delicious, this balm is all about the scent, not the taste, so you won’t be constantly licking it off your lips.  It’s also long-lasting, so you won’t need to reapply constantly.  Oh WoW! Lip Balm ($12.50 for a pack of 3).

2. Herban Luxe’s Spearmint Lip Potion infused with Rosebuds is a wonderful vegan gloss.  This blatantly romantic infusion features real rosebuds floating in fragrant spearmint liquid.  You’ll notice a subtle spearmint taste and a delicious minty smell.  This gloss is made with all-natural oils like sweet almond oil, organic jojoba oil, and of course, spearmint. Spearmint Lip Potion Infused with Rosebuds ($6.50)

3. Another great balm worth calling out is Lisa Ann’s Vegan Lip Balm, which contains nurturing ingredients like olive oil, Shea butter, vitamin E and other essential oils.  This balm has a slight scent to it, and goes on smooth and satiny.  Perfect for those lips that need a little extra TLC.  Lisa Ann Lip Balm ($5.00)

4. Looking for a little hue help with your gloss? Take out Just Pure Minerals’ Lip Gloss for a spin: it comes in nine luscious colors.  This vegan gloss draws on simple, natural ingredients colored with mineral pigments.  It’s not heavy or sticky, and it goes on smoothly for a creamy, lush lookJust Pure Minerals’ Lip Gloss ($6.00)

Inspired to treat your lips right? When it comes to the cosmetics you use, you do have a choice — so why not give your body what it deserves?  Choose an all-natural, vegan product that delivers nothing but good things to your sensitive skin. Your lips will want to kiss you!