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LED Light Therapy For Your Skin

LED light therapy has been hailed as one of the most potent anti-aging tools in the skin care industry by leading skin care gurus. Joanna Vargas uses a full body LED light therapy bed in her skin care treatments to bring you skin that is firmer, smoother and younger. As see in Vogue,, Extra and many more. Read the full story
August 29th, 2011

Joanna Vargas Celebrity Skin Care Facialist Bio

Throughout my life I cant tell you how many thousands of hours I spent in apothacaries and shops looking at products and ingredients. I love everything about products, from the packaging to the smells, to even the way people describe something. My favorite gift as a kid was products- lip glosses, bubble bath, lotions. Today my favorite gifts are still products, but I have traded the Orange Crush Bonnie Bell Lip Gloss for Wei Pomegranate Buffing Beads from Space NK! Read the full story
August 27th, 2011

Natural Home Remedies For Age Spots

There are some simple natural remedies for age spots that range from the funky to the soothing for achieving age-defying healthy skin after your next brush with the solar orb called SUN. At the top of the unlikely list of skincare remedies, you’ll find that rubbing red onion directly to age spots before bed will rapidly fade the brown speckle menace. Read the full story
August 24th, 2011

Why Choose to Have Facials?

Skin care professionals have access to a wealth of information about organic product options, the latest technology in skincare, chemical to avoid, and the best treatments for sensitive skin. While we go about our daily grind in the urban landscape and other terrains, there is an expert who can assess the damage done for the best treatment of our weathered skin. Read the full story
July 22nd, 2011

How to Fend Off the Acne Monster!

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First, acne is caused by specific glands that every part of your skin has; particularly your face because of the hair follicles. These glands are called the “Sebum” glands, and they produce the oil that keeps your hair slick and water-resistant. Read the full story
July 16th, 2011

Is There A Youth Code?

On a hot summer day you can often find me with a tall glass of fresh green juice. This tasty beverage is a healthy energy booster that gives me that extra sprint to run after my son or get me through my work day. But it also provides many needed vitamins and minerals that are great for beautiful looking skin. Read the full story
July 13th, 2011

A Skin Care Guide to Photofacials

photofacials can rejuvenate your skin and when done regularly can reverse the signs of aging and damaged skin Read the full story
May 4th, 2011

Hand Held LED Light Therapy Devices

LED light therapy has a proven track record when it comes to handling skin care concerns like wrinkles, sun spots and reversing aging or damage skin. However, be aware that not all LED light therapy devices are as powerful as those used by skin care professionals. Read the full story
April 20th, 2011

Fighting Dark Under Eyes Circles

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By: cheng hui ling

Fighting Dark Under Eyes Circles

Dark under eyes circles is a common problem and can really be quite a depressing one as it is not easy to rectify. No one wants to walk around looking like … Read the Full Story

Read the full story
March 26th, 2011

Berries Can Give You Ageless Skin

Goji berries and Acai berries are consider by many experts to be super foods for the body and are great for your skin. For your skin they are magnificent as they are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that prevent and restore the beauty of your skin. Goji and Acai berries are anti-aging! Read the full story
March 21st, 2011