Skincare videos

  • 7 Tips For A Glowing Gorgeous Skin
    This video titled 7 Tips For A Glowing Gorgeous Skin has be created with the big idea of portraying the biggest concern for beauty conscious women a beautiful, radiant and healthy skin. This video shows simple steps to enhance their beauty naturally. The video ends at a high note showing the importance of taking skin care treatments and your services.
  • The Super Food Facial As Seen In Telemundo
    The Super Food facial was created by celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas and she hails out of New York City. You can also see the English version as seen in Fox News. Las virtudes de calabaza son muchas. En el invierno la piel se reseca mucho. Por eso tienes que usar ingredientes que son de temporada, naturales, i que alimienten las piel. El resultado es piel resplandosa i muy saludable. The virtues of pumpkin can be seeing when used as an ingredient in skincare. This particular spa facial delivers, nutrient, eliminates dry winter skin, and leaves your face healthy and glowing.
  • The Best Facials in New York City: The Joanna Vargas Pumpkin And Superfood Facial
    Celebrity facialist and skincare guru Joanna Vargas created her fall facial with pumpkin and other super foods to eliminate years of your complexion. In this video you ll also see Dr. Stafford Broumand, a plastic surgeon from the Upper East side in New York City. He also discusses how he uses a pumpkin peel to eliminate sun damage and other imperfections.
  • Tone Up Your Body, Look Younger and Achieve Flawless Skin
    Do you want to know the skincare secrets of the Victoria Secret models and some of today s hottest celebs like Ashley Greene and Rachel Weisz? Skincare guru Joanna Vargas was interviewed by Extra to find out about her Tone Up body treatment and her fully patented LED light therapy bed for complete body rejuvenation. Call for your appointments in NYC at 212.949.2350.
  • How To Lift, Firm And Detox Your Skin Naturally As Seen On Extra
    Joanna Vargas And Dr. Lipman teamed up to bring you a natural way to detox your skin from the inside out. Celebrity facialist and skincare guru Joanna Vargas demonstrates how her microcurrent facial can lift and firm your skin naturally. And adds her Exfoliating Mask And Daily Serum, two powerful products to refresh your skin. Dr. Lipman gives you a way to detox your skin naturally for healthy and radiant skin.
  • Three Skincare Products You Need For Flawless Skin
    Recently a client of mine allowed me to create a video testimonial about my natural skincare line. She started to regularly use my Vitamin C Face Wash, Exfoliating Mask and Daily Serum. These 3 products have been extensively tested in all my facials for results and I guarantee that they can help you create the perfect skin. Buy them at
  • Advance Age Defying Serum
    http://joannavargas All of my skincare products were field tested in all of my facials for results. The Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum is formulated with proven oils to correct dry and mature skin. It is an advance age defying serum that has at it s core Argan oil, proven to dramatically increase cell turnover, and heal age related deficiencies in skin that cause dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. This is perfect for dry skin and climates where your skin will dry easily.
  • The Secret To Stopping Breakout And Clear Skin
    Most people can immediately stop breaking out, diminish blackheads and get clear skin with one simple trick. And if done consistently you ll have fresh and glowing skin in a short amount of time. This step requires using a gentle face wash NIGHTLY. This is the beginning to clear skin and a flawless complexion in most cases. Nighttime is the time during which the skin repairs itself. Buy and use my Vitamin C Face cleanser, crafted to gently remove grime, makeup and daily pollutants with a medley of vitamin C ingredients.
  • Spas In New York: Extra Tells You Where To Go
    Extra shined the spot light on the best spa in New York where celebrities go to get flawless skin. Skin care guru Joanna Vargas was recently interviewed by Extra and she reveals what are the spa treatments her celebrity clients come for. Additionally she talks about her natural skin care line and how you can get beautiful skin. Some of her treatments include microcurrent facials, oxygen facials and a full body LED Light Therapy bed, patent pending, that helps clients conquer aging, reduce cellulite and reverse the signs of aging.
  • The Secret To Instantly Radiant Skin
    http://joannavargas Exfoliation is the secret to a healthy and natural glow. Regular exfoliation can eliminate acne, keeping your pores clear. The Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask uses a combination of fruit enzymes, volcanic ash and clay, to manually remove, dissolve and extract grime, dead skin cells and impurities. Leaving your skin,clean, clear and glowing. This step is essential to your skin care routine as it will prepare your skin for all others. All products have been tested in the Joanna Vargas facials for thousands of hours to ensure you will get the results you want, your best skin ever.
  • Instantly Your Best Skin Ever Serum
    You can achieve a youthful glow with the Joanna Vargas Daily Serum. This serum acts fast to revitalize your skin s appearance, improving your skin tone, minimizing pores, raising moisture levels and giving you remarkably radiant skin. This magical elixir penetrates deeply to make your skin clearer, brighter and healthier. This high end serum has a wonderful scent, exceptionally light texture and it s high tech formulation contains Galactoarabinan, a naturally derived ingredient from the Larch tree that enhances cell turnover for immediate younger looking skin. For all skin types.